Abûl-Hasan al-Ash´arî (d. 330): “Vår troslära och förståelse är att hålla fast vid vår Herres (´azza wa djall) bok, vår profets (sallâ Allâhu ´alayhi wa sallam) Sunnah och det som har rapporterats av de mästerliga följeslagarna, efterföljarna och Imâmerna i Hadîth.” (al-Ibânah, sid. 43)

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Creation of Human Life

Allah är den bästa av skapare!
Allah Akbar!

This film is about your story. How you came to be from a single drop of liquid? How you were carefully designed, built, fed, and raised in your mother's womb? When you see the marvelous design, plan and intricacy in each tiny step that leads to your existence, you will recall that this is not the work of the blind forces of nature, but the work of an all-Wise and all-Powerful Creator.

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Amazing Azaan Discovery: 24 Hours A Day!

ALLAH Is Being Remembered ALL Over The World Every Minute!

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Scientific proof: Golden mean point = Kaaba

Golden mean point: 1,618... =  City of Makkah